Free Vegan Guide: The Keep-it-simple Guide To Eating Plant-based

Free keep it simple guide to eating plant based - vegan eating guide


This vegan guide is to help beginners and busy vegans save time, money, and eat more healthily.

It’s a practical tool to help you understand how vegan eating works, what vegan foods to buy, and how not to be hungry all the time.

If you where brought up as a meat eater, or if you are a busy vegan eating an unhealthy vegan diet, this guide will help you with simple tips on how to eat a healthier plant-based diet.


What this vegan guide is:

  • a helpful tool to get you up to speed with eating vegan, whether you are vegan or simply looking to eat more vegetables this is for you
  • filled with simple tips to learn how to make vegan meals that nutritious and satisfying
  • a simple intro to vegan protein, calcium, and other nutrients you might be worrying about when you eat vegan
  • easy to read and to the point 😎

What this vegan guide isn’t:

  • a persuasion book about veganism, we want to help, not preach 🦍
  • a vegan recipe book; there are no recipes in the guide, but there will a recipe book!
  • explaining environmental effects (but yes, eating vegan food is good for the environment!)
  • talking about animal exploitation; yes we care about animals, no we won’t go into grim details of how they are treated.


Download it here:


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Free Guide to Healthy Easy Plant-Based / Vegan Diet

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