Quick & Easy Vegan Recipes – 15 min or less

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3 Min Rose & Poppy Seeds Pudding [Vegan + Low-fat]

Love roses, eat roses! 🌹When you fancy a vegan pudding that’s both inspiring and super low-fat… make it yourself!! We used B-12 fortified soya milk (naturally low-fat and high-protein), a little bit of vanilla extract, agave syrup, rose petals and our favourite fat-free vegan ingredient 😉🌱🦍

10 Min Carrot Cupcake With Easy Coconut Frosting [Vegan + Raw]

We took this raw vegan carrot cupcake recipe to the next level of easiness and added a touch of zero waste by using whole carrots, not just the pulp! 🧞‍♂️♻ This can be a super healthy dessert with fresh carrots and brain-boosting nuts, giving you extra vitamins, fiber and healthy fats. 🥕🦍


Naturee - Gorilla-strong easy vegan food from scratch Hello! I’m Abe, a super-strong gorilla here to show you how to make healthy vegan food from scratch. I only like to spend 15 mins prepping food, because I’d rather be surfing. Do I look like I need protein? I’m shredded, dude! Below are my fave vegan snacks,  I’ve also written The Keep-it-simple Guide To Eating Plant-Based to help you gobble down more veggies the easy way. See our vegan shop to find the tools I use to speed up my cooking game and other awesome vegan products 🙌


7 Min Raw Cacao Superfood Bites [Vegan + High-protein]

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5 Min Sweet Avocado & Pomegranate Toast Idea [Vegan + Healthy Fats]

A simple and tasty toast idea for your vegan cravings. Perfect for a quick snack or for breakfast. 🥑😍
Super-simple yet nutritious: high in protein, healthy fats and vitamins (yup, vitamin B-12 too 👌🦍).

5 Min Guilt-Free Mango Gondolas [Vegan + Raw + Low Fat Dessert]

How delicious are mangos?! They are perfect for low-fat delicious desserts, especially vegan ones. 😎 All the ingredients in this recipe are naturally low in fats (yogurt included!) and we didn’t add any sweetener either… enjoy! ✨🦍

5 Min Minty Banana & Pine Nuts Snack Idea [Vegan + Healthy Fats]

This vegan toast idea is SO tasty! The mint gives it a refreshing taste and the banana keeps it sweet. 🌱🍌 Cashew butter has a ‘softer’ taste than peanut butter and goes really well with bananas. Try it! 😋🦍


Naturee is the vegan food blog focusing on quick recipes for busy people. We empower you to eat healthily with awesome recipes anyone can make from scratch! Most recipes are single servings and any measuring is super-simple, promise.

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