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Are all of Naturee's recipes vegetarian / vegan?

Yes! We provide delicious plant-powered meal kits that are easy to make whilst being both good for you and for the planet. We aim to show you just how simple mouth-watering vegetarian / vegan recipes can be to make, even if you’re not used to them.

What if I have an allergy?

We make it clear before purchase if a meal kit could contain an ingredient that does not work for you. Please note that you are responsible for checking that all ingredients of a kit work for you both before placing an order and when you receive your meal kit.

Why do I need to purchase a minimum of two portions per meal kit?

We really thought about this one, why a single person should buy two portions. Because of the standard packaging food comes in, such as in tofu packs or cans, it makes sense to supply a double portion. So if you are only cooking for one you can always cook once and eat the leftovers next day or even freeze them, which means less cooking for you!

What if I am not in for the delivery?

We will leave your parcel outside your door if you wish and you will be able to collect it once you arrive home. Our food boxes are supplied with ice-packs to keep them chilled for up to 48 hours. To help maintain freshness, please store your food appropriately as soon as you can.

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